Financing College using Real Estate

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I recently started the Zero College Debt Program and am working with Certified College Planners across the country to help in financing college.  This program focuses on all the aspects of using real estate to help in financing college.  Did you know that by using your single family home and renting out extra rooms that you can take depreciation for the part of the home that is rented?  You can also claim a portion of expenses for upkeep along with taxes and interest.  You generate revenue and you get to take advantage of all the Tax breaks including the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit of $8,000.  The Zero College Debt Program focuses on ALL aspects of using real estate to help pay for college.

Are you an in-state or out-of-state resident?  Many states allow students to change residency status, but you must follow all the rules.  One of the best ways to document a residency status change is to own a home in the new state.  By going to the Zero College Debt website you can learn more about the program and how students and parents can can use this program to help pay for college, reduce overall debt and have an asset to recover some of the expenses at the end of the college career.  Our analysis, so far, has shown how students can save between $40,000 to $100,000.  Each scenario is specific to the college market.

Our program is a national program, but we place our clients with local REALTORS who have the best local knowledge about rules and regulations to make this a successful transaction and help students and families reduce long term debt.  The student homeowner generates an income and uses part of this to help pay for college.  There is also a complete education program via webinars to help students understand leases, marketing their property to attract tenants and much more.  Students will also get a newletter to inform them of changes in the program.

Students today are coming out of college with at least $20,000 debt and many much more.  The Zero College Debt program focuses on all aspects to finance college by targeting income, tax breaks, support, benefits and ongoing education.  The Real Life Learning System developed by this program will have programs ranging from property management, attracting tenants, leases and much more.  All of this additional information is free to all student members of the site.  If you want to save a family member or someone you know money in paying for college, please send them to the Zero College Debt website.  As always, your feedback is appreciated on how we can improve the site and make it easier for families to understand all the resources that are available to them to help pay for college.

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