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Aloha and Thank you for stopping by. When getting a VA Loan In Hawaii there is nothing to fear other

then fear itself, and possibly coming across a bad Broker. When getting a VA Loan In Hawaii look

for the following in your Broker. If they don't have following tools at their access you should RUN!!!

In order to help you obtain your VA Loan In Hawaii, your Broker should have the following knowledge

and capability.

1. A VA Loan in Hawaii will require the service member to obtain a copy of their Certificate Of Eligibility.

This will require you Broker to have access to the VA Portal and can be pulled up for you in a matter of


2. A good Broker who is helping you get your VA Loan In Hawaii will also know that the seller is

able to pay off a portion of your consumer debt

3. If you are planning on getting a VA Loan In Hawaii ask your Broker for the names and numbers

of some people that work directly at the VA in Loan guarantee. If they cant immediately produce

this information something is wrong.

4. There are certain costs associated with getting a  VA Loan In Hawaii. These cost are called

non allow-ables and can be paid by anyone in the transaction but the veteran. These fees can range from

$1500- $2000 and consist of Underwriting, Processing, Doc Prep or Application. A good Broker helping

you with your VA Loan In Hawaii will know exactly what they are and how much they cost.

Folks a VA Loan In Hawaii is so very easy to obtain if you are working with a knowledgeable, experienced

and trustworthy Broker/Loan officer. Most people are concerned with nickles and dimes. I humbly

recommend questioning knowledge and experience because lack of either of those will end up costing you

thousands. Should you have any questions about you  VA Loan In Hawaii  please feel free to contact

Dave White The " VA Loan Hero" at  (808) 382-7444 or touch base at Mahalo and

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