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Know What You're Showing, Know What You're Selling

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With so many properties available and so few buyers, REALTORS should be more responsible to their buyer client when viewing the properties as well as to the seller selling the property.  Not all properties are created equal. The buyer needs to be informed about what they're looking at.  This is especially true in a subdivision with custom and semi custom homes.

Does this mean that we as REALTORS should do a little homework before taking our clients out to look?  Yes!  Become an informed Realtor.  Know what you're showing.  Find out why one property in a subdivision is priced higher per square foot than another.  Don't just show up, open the door, and say, "Well, here we have the entry...and here's the formal dining..." and then tell your client that based on the comps, it's priced a little high or a little low.  Be informed.  Have you actually seen the comps you're using?  Are you comparing similar finishes, cabinetry, flooring, heating & ac units, appliances, the flow of the home, lot size, lot location, age of the property,etc?  Comps often look different on paper and online than they do in person.  Know your market, know your area, know your subdivision.

REALTORS should be there to guide clients and inform them so they can make the best real estate decision, to meet their real estate goals, based on facts.  I've found far too many REALTORS lately that just show up and open houses without knowing anything about what they're showing.  It has become very easy to fall into this trap because most of our clients shop online for a home and then contact us to show it to them.  We're in such a hurry to make the appointments that we forget that we need to know what we're showing.   The clients have so many properties to choose from that they appear almost frantic to see as many as possible.  And, let's face it, most don't really know what they're looking at, REALTORS included.  It becomes a vicious cyclle.  Perhaps we should slow the process down a bit and fine tune it.  Learn what the client is really looking for, educate them, and learn the market.  Know what you're showing, know what you're selling. 

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