Hawaii VA Loan ( Dave White)


If you are looking for rock solid  information about your  Hawaii VA Loan , you have found the best.

Dave White has specialized in Military Home Loans for the last decade. He is fast becoming known as

The VA Loan Hero. His knowledge on the subject is exceptional, and his service is second to none.

If you are thinking about a VA Loan in Hawaii, then by all means consult Dave.

When considering a VA Loan In Hawaii please know the mechanics of the VA Loan are different then

conventional lending. Firstly you will need to make sure your Certificate of eligibility is in tact. In the past

one would need to go to the VA and sit there for hours, in order to obtain the COE. Now Dave

can go directly on the VA Portal, and pull up your eligibility in minutes.

A Hawaii Va Loan will also allow for you to obtain 100% financing. With a Hawaii VA Loan there

will be no need for private mortgage insurance as the VA will guarantee the Lender that they will

insure 25% of the Hawaii VA Loan. This is very attractive to Lenders.

The Hawaii Va Loan will also allow the seller to legally pay off 4% of your consumer debt. IF you have

a car loan with a $16,000 balance, and a $400 a month payment, The seller can pay that off in the


There are other tricks to capitalize on as well with he Hawaii VA Loan. Please feel free

to contact Dave White at (808) 382-7444 anytime at all in order to qualify for your

VA Loan In Hawaii. Thank You and Dave looks forward to being of service.

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