The Best Real Estate Franchise

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The Best Real Estate Franchise

Realty WorldWhat is the best real estate franchise for you?  Realty World has that question covered. Your number one goal as a broker/owner is to attract and retain productive real estate agents.  To do that you need a powerful set of systems and tools that will empower the agents to go out and attract buyers and sellers. These tools will help the Realty World agents and brokers stand out above the crowd and build a pipeline that will be the basis for their business.  At Realty World, we call this purple cow marketing and this is why we are the best real estate franchise for you.      

What is purple cow marketing?  The term comes from the idea that if you are driving past a pasture and all you see are brown, white and black cows, you will forget about them as soon as you pass them by.  If you drive by that same pasture and see a purple cow in the field,  that is one cow that you would not forget.  To be the best real estate franchise, Realty World helps our brokers and agents be unique in their field.  Purple Cow

Realty World offers some of the most unique "World Class" systems and tools on the market which helps our offices stand out as one of the best real estate franchises.  Our purple cow marketing consists of a relocation program, a classified ad program, a job location program, a $15,000 sweepstakes, and even a rewards program.  These types of programs plus many others make our offices, brokers and agents stand out like a purple cow.  Our unique marketing systems are like no one else in the industry and makes Realty World the best real estate franchise for you

To get more information about Realty World, the best real estate franchise for you, call Brad Cooper, The Director of Franchise Development at 800 685-4984.  I will be glad to share with you in detail our "World Class" marketing systems and tools so that you can see for yourself why Realty World is the best real estate franchise for you.

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