There ought to be a law!!!

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In these tough economic times we are faced with the problems of loss of our incomes, homes, jobs, and our economic future.   We try to find someone or something to blame for our situations.  We try to find ways to fix the problems.

       I think that we are failing to see and respond to the biggest problem.  That is the increasing loss of the basic family unit caused by the economic down turn.

       There is an old saying, "Love goes out the door when the bills come           through the window."  I believe this to be so.  I also believe that   something should be done to help the family unit stay together.  I believe that we will have a much better chance of survival and prosperity as a nation if we have strong family units.

        I am tired of going out on listing presentations and finding not only an economic boon doggle, but a family in melt down to go with it.  It seems that one person is always blaming the other for getting the family in financial trouble.  It is a natural thing to do.  But, most of the time, it is like blaming the wait person in a restaurant because our food is not cooked to our liking, when it is actually the cook who under performed that should get the blame.

       In a nutshell our government is trying to solve the problems of greed and all the crimes that are committed because of it.  I would love to see a law that would prosecute someone for the harm to the family unit caused by their actions.

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Liz Flint
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How about prosecuting who ever proposed ARM's?  Ever since they were commonly used, the problems we've seen have had a trickle down effect that has hurt the whole country.

Aug 20, 2009 04:20 AM