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After a long and anticipated wait, the Hendricks County real estate tax bills are finally getting sent out...however, better check those bills for any changes. Many clients are calling our office and asking what their rights are with the revised Hendricks County tax bills. Below is a list of items to check:

1) Assessed Value. This value is suppose to be based on "Market Value". If you live in a neighborhood where there are many foreclosures and they have raised your assessed value. Then you will probably need to file an appeal.

2) Exemptions: If the property is your primary residence and you have a mortgage on it, then you have the right to file a  Mortgage and a Homestead Exemption.

3) Additional Exemptions: Other exemptions for Hendricks County include over 65, blindness and disability, etc. Contact the Hendricks County Auditor to check eligibility for other exemptions.

Not having any exceptions filed could be paying up to two times the amount for your Hendricks County Taxes. 

These changes in taxes are going to create many problems within the Hendricks County community because of the following reasons:

  • Many bills have increased tremendously and they are due on September 10th for Spring and then the fall bills will be due on November 10th. Approximately 61 days after the first round of taxes are due.
  • If you have your real estate taxes paid thru your mortgage payment - check your escrow balances verses the amount of your tax statement. Lenders could change your mortgage payment based on the increase in your real estate taxes.

Here is the website for Hendricks County, to check on the taxes you need to click on "Data Warehouse Lookup":

One of the hardest hit people with the new taxes are the investors. My husband & I own a few rental properties in Danville and Hadley Indiana and our taxes will have a tremendous effect on our rental properties.







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Comments (3)

Greg VanLaere
Danville, IN

Just found out that if your taxes were not paid by last Friday, there is a 5% penelty.  There was a line of crying citizens at the Treasurers Dept. today. LOL

Sep 21, 2009 02:27 PM
Debbie Konter-Danville/Avon IN
FC Tucker - Avon, IN
Avon Indiana Agent
oh Greg I bet they were crying citizens. We actually got our taxes reduced on a property that we own in Hadley by filing an appeal.
Sep 21, 2009 03:25 PM
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