Virtual Assistants Are The Way of The Future

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If you remember years ago, there was a television show that had robotic maids who did all the housework. Everyone had a flying car and all of the phones were built on video systems. That show was called “The Jetsons”. It was hugely popular and it had quite a promising outlook on the future. After all, if we were all running around in flying cars, maybe the highways wouldn’t be so congested and we wouldn’t have so many traffic accidents on a daily basis. Some of the predictions from the show may not have come true. However, some of the “concepts” from the show may have actually spawned entire industries.

Consider the concept of a “virtual assistant”, otherwise known as a robot on the show. Sure the robots did all kinds of menial tasks, and they weren’t really paid for their work, but they WERE given specific tasks to do and they did get the pleasure of an honest day’s work. Here is where we veer away from the show though. Today’s virtual assistants aren’t robots who cook, clean and do the laundry. They’re real human beings who work outside of your office for the purpose of saving you precious time and money.

Today’s virtual assistants can answer phones, reply to messages, schedule appointments and even design and update your company website. And they can do all of this without ever needing to step foot in your office. Today’s society requires business owners to have a handle on five million things going twenty million different directions. You know you can’t manage to do everything right, every time. You also know that having an extra pair of hands can help you out tremendously. Even if those hands are just working on the tasks you would normally just do in your spare time.

If you’re looking at picking up an additional member of your staff right now, maybe you should consider a virtual assistant. They’ve got the professional training and in most cases, degrees. They’ve got the desire to succeed that most “hourly” employees don’t have. Not to mention, they want to earn your repeat business and referrals. Their motivation goes far beyond your paychecks. These are business owners just like you. Their business just happens to be providing a much needed resource for your business.

Take the time to check out 24/ Virtual Assistant to see what kind of options you may have. They won’t send over a robot, but you’ll definitely get to see a “well-oiled machine”.

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Dennis Chanski
Hebron, CT

That is a great idea!

Aug 20, 2009 06:49 AM