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Remember how great you felt when you received a real greeting card?  You know the one that comes from the US Postal Service with a stamp.  Well, I remember how I felt because my friend John sent one to me and I felt all warm and fuzzy all day.  So here's the deal.  If you log into the website below click on John's face you can have 1 card sent to someone special for .... are you ready....FREE.  I know nothing is free and of course the idea behind this is that you buy his service later on.  But here is how I see it.  I felt great when I got this card, so I sent one to my grandma, who by the way hates e-mail.  I can't believe how excited she got.  So take 5 minutes from your busy busy day and send a card to your mom or who ever.  Walk around the rest of the day feeling like you made someones day for no reason what so ever and if you like the service John's offering use it if you don't want to what did you spend ya 5 minutes of your time.  Then pass the link along to someone who might want to send to their mom or use the service.  What do you have to lose.

Thanks and  PASS IT ON!!!! 

Go to and click on John's picture.  The audio will walk you through sending your first card and he'll  pay for it. 


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Nice post....nice thought! I'll definately do it.

Aug 20, 2009 03:32 PM