Accept checks by phone, internet, and web. NO merchant account. NO fees. NO charge backs.

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If you are following the latest trend, you are probably running some angle of a loan modification, debt settlement or credit repair business. 

Most likely you are running all 3 at the same time to generate multiple streams of income for you and your family. 

The biggest challenge to these ventures is getting approved by a merchant for ACH withdrawals. 

I have found this powerful tool to eliminate the merchant dependency and their fees. This wipes out the charge backs.

You can start accepting checks by phone, fax, and internet without having to qualify or apply for anything. 

Here's the best part... there are NO fees ever. You need to see how this user friendly software works:

This method is used by all fortune 500 companies to collect from their clients to save millions in fees.


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Shellie Alicia Carter
REAL. | Realtyka, LLC - Maplewood, NJ

Thanks for the post, I'll take a look today!

Sep 19, 2009 07:50 AM