Is RSS Dead?

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Real Estate Tech GuyIt's funny, a lot of the "Geek" technology podcasts I listen to want to declare RSS as dead.  If you're unclear on what RSS is, go to CommonCraft and watch their video explaining the concept, because it makes sense to me.  I personally don't think RSS is dead, and I still use it daily to gather and find new information on topics and news I'm interested in.  However, the geeks do have a point about where you can find and get useful information today.  Social Media!  Unfortunately, most real estate professionals are not using social media to help grow their businesses or gain new information and marketing ideas.  Remember, I said "most," not everyone.  Many agents today are still sharing lots of cyber gifts, posting funny videos and playing those infamous games on social media sites like Facebook.  That's okay, and I think we should all have a little downtime and fun, but social media can play such and integral role in how you learn and gather information today.  Take for example FriendFeed.  Sure, it's a little complicated to learn, but once you discover the power with this social media web site it becomes a real source of gathering information from people all over the world who have similar interests with you.  For brokers and managers, it's a great way to monitor your agents and follow what they're doing on some of their social media web sites.  Check it out, it's cool!  Active Rain is another excellent web site for real estate professionals to read and watch what's working for other real estate professionals around the U.S.

So the question I asked earlier, is RSS dead?  I don't think so, but with a combination of using Social Media with the right tools like RSS, you can save time, learn a lot, and have fun!  We discuss things like RSS, Friendfeed, posting virtual tours to the web for free and so much more real estate technology every Monday afternoon from 4-5 CST in a Webinar format, where you can watch, listen and learn.  All Webinars are recorded so you can watch over and over if you didn't get it the first time, or, view on your own schedule.  Join us by signing up at

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