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Services for Real Estate Pros with CRX Credit Services

If every loan that was written up could be closed would we need loan officers? I heard a Broker stating the day of the loan officer is dead! She went on to say "all the brokers need are a few loan originators to sell the amounts of loans being produced in our office no lo's needed. I followed up by asking "what if you had someone who could put more loans in your pipeline?" She re phrased and said "I don't need loan officers who are not producing!" I asked her again and she asked "how?" I explained to her that instead of turning away all of your loans with bad credit, she could get them in a house down the road. Again, she asked "how?" I went on to explain to her that CRX Credit Service could take those client who serious about getting into a home and assist them by getting them credit ready for a mortgage. With more interest the broker asked again "how?"  I explained to her the process and the education that CRX Credit Services provides to thier client and the free services added for loan officers she was delighted! After referring clients to CRX for a six month period  her closing ratio has increased by 17%. Some may say big whoop 17%! But if you are a loan officer closing 2 to 3 loans a month a 17% increase is a good amount. If you are a mortgage broker closing 20 loans a month then you can see how a 17% increase can make the difference! IF YOU ARE READY TO CLOSE MORE LOANS GIVE US A CALL AND SEE HOW WE CAN INCREASE YOUR CLOSING RATIO!

CRX Credit Services  1-800-805-9024 or contact us at info@thecreditrepairexperts.com or visit us in the web at www.thecreditrepairexperts.com

Our services cost the mortgage broker, loan officers and mortgage companies nothing!

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