Endwell Greens in Endwell, NY Golf Review

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My Uncle Dennis, Denny (my cousin) and I last Sunday August 16 went Golfing at Endwell Greens in Endwell, NY.

I am one never to complain, but I felt that I needed to express my disappointed I had at this course.  It is now been close to a week and at first I thought to myself that I was not even going to write a negative review, but it still eats at me on what happened.

Saturday I called Endwell Greens the night before for tee times.  I spoke with a very nice Lady two times on the phone too make sure the price she quoted me over the phone for a Sunday tee time was right at $30.00.  When we arrived at the clubhouse that morning after scheduling the tee times the night before I found out it was $45.00.  I explained to the Ranger in the clubhouse what had happened and very unprofessionally and rude said "NO". Did not even apologize or express any emotion. The Ranger made me feel that I was bothering him for discussing what happen and the situation.

Being that it is a Sunday morning figured it would be difficult to schedule another tee time. We decided to play figuring it would be a nice course and amenities and we are here might as well!
Here is where it really starts to go down hill and my extreme disappoint with Endwell Greens Golf Course.

First let me say this before I give you my list.  I have no problem paying 45.00 for a course but you better live up to the service and course!!!

  • Driving Range was Behind a Shed and No maintenance done to the driving range at all. Weeds, Clover patches...... Had to walk through Broken down golf carts and tractors to get to the range
  • No Ranger or worker to tell you what golf cart to take. Just a Key with No number given to you.
  • Golf carts were all wet with dew.
  • No towels to dry them off
  • Golf cart had rust and rips in the seat
  • Being in the middle of summer one would think they would have bug spray "for sale" at least. (remember just paid 45.00)
  • Now, just getting to the golf course the grass clippings were left all over the course instead of using a bag or sweeper.
  • Little maintenance too barely cut the tall grass. No mowing in over a week some areas
  • Missed spots of cutting in fairways and fringe
  • The worse 3 out of the 18 holes for the Greens were not playable at all!!!!
  • Dirt and small stones were literally on the greens.


Like I said I am not one to complain but if you are going to charge $45.00,especially in today's economy you better make sure you have the Service and course to back up what you are charging golfers!!  I would not recommend this course to anyone playing in the Endwell, Binghamton, NY area.  There are so many other beautiful courses at $30.00 on a weekend you can play in that area.  Click here to Find some in your area. Golf courses

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Mike Carpino
Lake And Town Realty - Huntersville, NC
Broker/Owner-Lake Norman Waterfront Specialist

That brings up a good point. If you were able to see a review about the course and it was bad would you have still played it? I would try to find some local website possibly google local and try to write a review.

Aug 22, 2009 11:49 AM