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My Insurance company wants a four point inspection... What is a Four point inspection?

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A four point inspection is usually requested by your insurance company when starting a new homeowner's policy. The house is usually older, some companies require it as new as twenty years and some as old as fifty years. The four points they want to look at are roof, electrical, plumbing and heating/air conditioning. This is a limited visual inspection of components the insurance company my find unsafe or problematic. The following is a list of questions we answer and items we look at:

Type of home:
Type of construction:
Type of foundation:
Number of stories:
Approximate square feet:
Approximate total living area:
Approximate age of home:

Types of heating systems:
Estimated age of heating systems:
Heating systems upgraded? Year?
Condition of heating systems:
Fuel Tank located?
Heating system comments:

Types of cooling systems:
Estimated age of cooling systems:
Cooling systems upgraded? Year?
Condition of cooling system:
Cooling system comments:

Number of bathrooms:
Main supply line material:
Main waste/vent material:
Fixture supply line material:
Fixture drain line material:
Shut off valves present:
Water heater location?
Water heater fuel type?
Approximate age of water heater:
TPR valve present?
Fire sprinkler system present?
Freeze hazards noticed?
Polybutylene noticed?
Plumbing leaks noticed?
Recent plumbing upgrades? Year?
Overall plumbing condition:
Plumbing comments:

Roof style:
Type of roof covering:
Estimated age of roof covering
Number of shingle layers:
Type of sheathing:
Flashing damage noticed?
Missing shingles or covering?
Truss or rafter damage noticed?
Evidence of active leaks?
Estimated life expectancy:
Roof comments:

Service amps:
Size of service sufficient?
Fuses or Circuit breakers?
Main panel location:
Panel ground observed?
GFCIs present where required?
AFCIs present in bedrooms?
Aluminum branch circuits?
Active knob and tube wiring?
Exposed or unsafe wiring noticed?
Recent upgrades? Year?
Overall electrical system condition:
Electrical comments:

It is important to remember that this is a limited visual inspection and does not replace an home inspection, such as for a purchase or sale(listing inspection).
Eric Reid
Renaissance Realty Group of Keller Williams Atlanta Partners - Lawrenceville, GA

man that is a lot of information THANK YOU

Aug 22, 2009 02:14 PM