"Ughh!! another house rental I hate doing those, they only pay $100-$200"

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To my surprise, I have heard this comment from more than a handful of agents.  Yes, that  is sad. 

    Its sad that there are agents out there that do not understand that we became agents to assist people with one of the most important financial decisions of their life.  Whether they are renting and we are getting paid $100 or buying and we are getting $3,000 These are people that are trusting us to be the best we can be and with agents out there wih the following attitudes its sad to see, thats not always happening.  Suggestion do your research find a good apartment locator that does house rentals and refer him the buisness.  Because the other comment just as bad as the first one that I heard, "I only showed him this house because I saw that it had a $500 commission so I didnt mind going out for that"

   As sad as the following comment was, the part that is worse is that agents with that attitude do not understand that you have to build your network and clientel in this buisness to be successful.  You have to surround yourself around a team of dedicated professionals that have the same philosophy as yourself, And that eventually these prospects that are looking for a house rental will eventually be able to buy a house and if you did the job you signed up to do, you will be there agent.  Along with the fact that If they are looking for a place to live they more than likely have a job, full of coworkers that can be referred to you.  That is if YOU DID YOUR JOB.   Im doing my job so if your in my city and dont want to mess with rentals send them my way.  I will take the rental, their friends, coworkers and endless flow of referrals  :)


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