Podcast: Monetize The Debt? You Bet!

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iTunesLogoI stopped posting my podcasts to Activerain a while back. Well, I have since been told by a few folks that they miss being able to track my podcasts and market info on Activerain, so I am back and will be posting all my real estate related work here. So here it is, my return to podcasts on Activerain! If you want to get access to all the other podcasts I have done (I just stopped posting them here, not doing them), you can find them at my website (www.soldbyrobert.com). Thanks go out to all those who were kind enough to enourage me to start posting this material here again.


There was a lot of news out there over the last week. The Fed/Treasury is doing its best to take us down the same economic road that nations like Zimbabwe have followed (not good). There are also a few news items out there that dovetail into one another in an interesting way - from a real estate point of view anyway. Take a listen for all the details. Plus, we edge toward some conspiracy theories.  Be patient with me, I wander into the political weeds a bit - but trust me, it all relates to real estate eventually!



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