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Processing Change - Part III - Agent Self-Promotion vs Branding

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WARNING! - If you can't laugh it some of the advertising mistakes that you've made in the past then don't read this post!

We probably all fell for it as new agents. You know....the ad campaign with the bus stop benches or the grocery store carts. It did not matter that the ad with our picture folded down and was covered by the baby's butt. We thought we were getting our names out there!


Before the internet came along we spent a lot of time and money on print advertising, billboards (so you've got a cell phone next to your ear...how unique!) and personal brochures. What we eventually learned is that all advertising works some of the time. The welcome change was finding out that the internet works all of the time .......if you use it correctly. I get recruiting letters from Brokers from time to time and they often attempt to downplay the power of branding on the internet. This is only a part of where your/my business should be promoted. The best is repeat and referral business. I think we all agree on that? However, the internet, with all its facets, is too big to ignore. Training in managing internet leads is critical. I still hear of agents who fight this and I grieve, knowing they're losing out and hurting their future book of business.


If only (don't you hate it when people whine with if only?) I had part of the money I spent on print advertising to hire an internet/technology coach. I don't know why it wasn't obvious to me. Early on in my career I decided that I would have a team of specialists; title, lender, escrow, home inspector, electrician, plumber, etc.....instead of trying to fill all of the roles myself. Why didn't I find a technology coach and grow with the internet, trusting a specialist to keep me informed and focused? Who's the best technology coach out there? Who do you use?








Bill Ladewig
LoanOfficerSchool.com - Escondido, CA
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Hi Dave,  You are there.  Active Rain is the absolute best advertising source.  Below is a link about how you can rise to the top of Google searches in your marketing area.  This is the real deal.


Send me an email after you see the video and I will answer any questions.

Aug 24, 2009 04:12 AM