The Kechi Playhouse "at" Wichita KS

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Last weekend Lisel and I attended our first "Tweet up" with our Twitter friends at the Kechi Playhouse in, you guessed it, Kechi Kansas.

Kechi is basically a suburb of Wichita just minutes away from the city limits. Look at the red ball on the map. The town is a quaint little touristy place with antique shops, restaurants and craft stores built directly into some of the older homes. Real estate for sale is hard to come by.

It happens it was also the first time we had ever attended one of these little community theaters. I have to say it was a lot of fun!

The theater is a converted old Methodist church. The building itself was constructed in 1920 and  Misty Maynard, a local theater talent, made it into the Kechi Playhouse in 1983 and has been putting on fine productions ever since. The church was a small one with about 14 pews sitting 7 to 8 persons apiece and the  originals are still used today. Cozy is the best way to describe the atmosphere. There's also a small balcony.

Playing Saturday night, 8/22/2009 , was "Tons Of Money".  A comedy involving a scam to fake a death in the family in order to gain an inheritance. The plan goes awry from the beginning and the hapless couple end up having to fake two deaths and a live relative. When the real relative shows up it casts doubt on the whole plot from the lawyer in charge of distributing the money. It's very funny and had us laughing all night.

The show lasted about two hours and cost us a measly $10 each. Well worth it for the huge amount entertainment we got.

There's two more shows being put on before the season ends October 25. From September 3rd thru September 27, 2009 you can catch "Be My Baby".

The final production from October 1st thru October 25, 2009 is a brand new comedy, "You Take the Cake" that promises to make you laugh and feel good. As Misty herself puts it, "a fun, new play to finish out our 27th year of business".

You still have time to catch the fun at the Kechi Playhouse this year. Reservations are recommended. Maybe we'll see you there. We aren't going to miss the last two shows!

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