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We have all heard the saying, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated".  Most of us have heard of it but do we believe it.   Its hard to actually do it when you treat everyone like your best friend, bend over backwards for them, give them the shirt off of your back and get nothing but trouble and pain for your efforts.  Regardless of the outcome I, luckily was born with awesome parents that instilled this attitude in me, so regardless if at times I have little faith in it I still keep practicing it.  

   Now your wondering what does this have to do with Real Estate?  Cant tell you because thats part two.  And part two is to be written by YOU.   I already know the answer, Im wondering if your answer is the same as mine :)

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michelangelo vasco
mvp realty inc. - Manhattan, NY

people will remember your good behavior even if they are not kind in return. They will also remember your bad behavior or service and let every one know

Aug 24, 2009 08:55 AM