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Most builders and Realtors have the same questions about the success rate of an Online Sales Program. How many leads do you get each month? How many of those are converted to an appointment? How many appointments end up on contract? What are your statistics etc…

I would like to share what numbers I have seen personally and also what many other successful programs experience. Keep in mind, every market, builder or Realtor is different. Use these statistics as benchmarks but your numbers may vary slightly.

1-3% Leads captured from online sources
You will have many sources to drive traffic. What most  use to determine this number is the new unique visits each month, not the total “hits” or even return visits. It is important to determine how many new users you attracted and how many of those requested further information. Your web host should have these statistics on hand - if not, they should be able to install the software to track this for you. A lead is qualified as one individual who submitted a request or called in directly from an online source. Many sources are included but only the total unique visitor stats from your website is used as the number to get your ratio. This is the easiest way to measure overall conversion.

20-25% Leads converted to appointments
The total leads are from both online sources and incoming phone calls. The conversion ration is based on appointments that are kept, not appointments scheduled and not kept.

30-35% Appointments that write a contract
This number is based on leads that go on appointment and then write a contract and close on the home. You will see some contracts fall through so do not count the totals until the home is closed.

5-10% Increase in overall sales
You can expect to see an increase in the first year of this successful program. This does not take into consideration additional sales that are created from a stronger web presence. It is hard to truly determine direct sources from the internet.

20-25% Of total sales will be generated by this program
You can expect to see a good portion of sales generated through this program. Keep in mind; these are additional sales or sales that you will not lose to your competition. You might have had some of these sales before – but now you will be sure to keep these numbers high.

Remember, these numbers will continue to increase as more people use the internet as the primary source for their new home search.

I would love feedback on your numbers. What do you see as an individual Realtor managing your leads? 

Continued Success,

Mike Lyon

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Mike Lyon
Edmond, OK
Justin - In total - about 7% of leads write a contract. Most of the time it is on their first visit. Highly qualified and informed shoppers. 
Jun 11, 2007 06:56 AM