Can Your Marketing Compete With 5,950 Others This Week?

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Increasing your Frequency over your Reach

I read an article recently pertaining to Real Estate Marketing that absolutely shocked me. It said:

"The average American consumer is exposed to at least 5,950 advertising or promotional messages in a week, according to a study in the Texas A&M University digital library..."

So often I see loan officers grow frustrated with their marketing responses. With a lower response rate, overtime loan officers slow down, and sometimes stop marketing themselves altogether. In my opinion, with so much advertising competition SCREAMING for our clients attention, how can you get noticed?

To counter this advertising overload, the most successful advertisers in the country are shifting their advertising strategies in an attempt to boost the effectiveness of their ads.

Increasing your Frequency over your Reach
Reach measures how many people might see your ad, and frequency measures how many times they might see it. For example, a campaign with broad reach but little frequency would be like putting a single ad in the Dallas Morning News. Millions would potentially see it, but only once.

Conversely, a campaign with little reach but high frequency would be like putting a flyer in your next door neighbor's mailbox every day for a month. Very few people would see the flyer, but it's quite likely they'll remember it, since the message was repeated frequently.

Some of the most successful businesses in the nation are moving towards higher frequency and narrower reach in their advertising. Even the McDonald's and Coca-Cola's of the world are having a hard time fighting their way through almost 6,000 competing advertising messages per person per week. So they are paying greater attention to narrowing the reach of their advertising messages to smaller groups, and repeating the messages more often.

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