Who is the source of localism help?

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I'm not exactly a newbie, but I haven't been around lately. 

Back when I was actually posting to localism, I found that my posts did not show up, or that my particular small town that I was posting about did not show up on localism at all (even though smaller nearby towns do). I read various localism instruction blogs, posted requests for help, etc.  I never did get those issues fixed. 

I recently resolved to come back and try again, but I found that my original posts (and these were good posts that I spent a lot of time preparing!) still never got posted.  The pages for the relevant towns remain empty even now, months later.

I've checked the localism beta group, the localism brainstorming group to see if anyone there might advise me. They seem pretty much dead, no recent posts at all, & thus didn't seem like a good place to ask for advice.

I sent an email to Brad Andersohn asking for direction (I know he's busy but I figured it was worth a try).  I may still hear back from him, it's been less than a week.

My questions are:

1) is localism just a dead issue in general, should I ignore it?

2) and if there's still hope for it, who is the "go-to" person to get issues fixed?

3) is there a secret localism group that I haven't found yet, where there's actually activity regarding localism posting issues and where I might find advice?

Thanks for any insight you can offer on this.  I don't want to waste additional time, but I like the concept of localism...




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Christa Ross
RE/MAX Select Realty - REALTOR and Green Homes Specialist - Pittsburgh, PA
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I would love an answer to these questions as well. It seems like Localism would be an interesting tool but when I post things to neighborhoods they never seem to show up. Could someone at Active Rain give me some insight into Localism and if it works? I have found lots of bugs and dead ends.

Sep 08, 2009 09:30 AM
Judith Reppert
United Country Countryside Realty - Mount Vernon, MO

Christa, I sent an email to Brad Andersohn explaining my problems.  If you do that, you'll need to be specific so he can find your post(s) and have the tech guys figure out what went wrong.

I had some success in this...he did respond, and one of the two towns I was having problems with now has my post.  The other is still completely empty (I have emailed him back on that).

My aim at this point is to post only enough to Localism to keep my name on the front page where I can, to provide a link in those blogs to my regular website, and to post most of my blogs at the regular website.  

I know way back in the original days of localism they were going to "moderate" posts to keep trash out...it seems as if posts may have gone to some moderation queue that never got looked at again.  But that's just speculation on my part.

Now, a new post that I just posted to a different town showed up right away, so perhaps the issues are old "cleanup" issues. 

Hope this helps!

Sep 09, 2009 02:24 AM
Christa Ross
RE/MAX Select Realty - REALTOR and Green Homes Specialist - Pittsburgh, PA
Helping you buy and sell Pittsburgh's Best Homes

Thanks, that does help. I asked the same questions to the localism group and no one responded. I agree, my goal is to get my name attached to the communities by doing some legwork and posting local information but I sure don't want to spend the time if the platform doesn't work.

Sep 10, 2009 09:30 AM