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After recently viewing around 50 Portland homes for sale, I realize that Portland has some of the most beautiful homes I have seen. I have traveled to many cities, and each city does boast their "Street of Dreams", but Portland has such a unique and creative touch that in my opinion nothing compares.

In the Irvington and Laurelhurst neighborhoods there are so many well crafted stunning and solid homes. Floor plans that completely flow and backyards that are like mini vacation resorts. Spacious bedrooms with balconies and bathrooms for a queen. Click to view some of these Portland homes for sale.
In the Hawthorne District and Alberta Arts, I came across so many homes that had the artistic personality of the owners built into the home. Murals on the basement walls, Mosaic staircases, Handcrafted wood fences and kitchens that a creative chef would die for. Click here to view some of these Portland homes for sale.
Portland homes for sale

If you are looking at homes for sale in Portland Oregon or thinking about the possibilities of a new home purchase, then I invite you to contact me and let's view some of these homes. My services are always FREE for home buyers and I am always available to answer all of your questions. I am a licensed professional Portland Oregon Realtor and I look forward to hearing from you.

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