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NVS CO-OP, any Appraisers getting work?

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This is a question to all the Appraisers on Active Rain. Are any of you signed up with NVS co-op, the Appraisal Co-op, and are you getting any orders? I thinking about joining, but with the way times are, I'm trying to spend my money as wisely as possible.

Jesse Skolkin
Independent New York State Certified Real Estate Appraiser - Fresh Meadows, NY


I never heard about the NVS coop, but in general I don't like the idea of paying to get appraisal orders.

Aug 27, 2009 08:04 AM
Gynell Stalford - Texas Cert. Appraiser *****FHA & FLAGSTAR APPROVED*****
Metroplex Appraisal Services - The FHA Appraisal Shop - Frisco, TX

Michael, I signed up a few months ago. Didn't see where you had to pay a fee though. Also, to date I have not received any work from them. Let me know if you have better luck with them.

Aug 30, 2009 01:20 AM
Mike Lay
Appraisal House Texas - Austin, TX

I signed up when they were first putting it together, but I have never gotten an order.  I don't recall them charging to sign up either.  I figure that it is one more place where someone could search and come across my company name, so (assuming it is still free), it is worth signing up.  They may just not have many lenders using them from TX (as Gynell and I can attest!)

Sep 10, 2009 02:22 PM
Richard D. Frank

http://www.nvs.coop/apprregistration.asp there is no fee to join. We have been "live" for a whole 4 months to date and have been processing. The cooperative model is designed to enable the members to grow their own businesses and support as member/owners a unified cooperative front.  There is no fee to merely participate.  Vested interest Membership includes dues which are the coop's venture capital, but again, THERE IS NO REQUIRED FEE. The NVS.COOP is not a directory or structure where you must or can pay to receive orders. You aren't buying work. Those who opt for full membership do so to contribute working capital and support the development and marketing of the coop. See www.ncba.coop to get education on cooperative business principles. There are appraisers we have assigned orders to who are not dues paying members. They are considered contractors and are used where we do not have an available member but they still must meet qualification standards.  The NVS.COOP is not a "I paid my dues, now feed me" situation. The successful areas we have activity in are in part due to the appraisers in those areas supplying leads and contacts to grow the client base of their own NVS.COOP (the coop belongs to the members, not an AMC that's going to dole out assignments and dictate terms and keep a lion's share of the collected fee) You will get out of a cooperative what you bring to the table. Today we secured a client thru a Colorado contact who then ordered an appraisal in Florida, and then one in California. Multiply that potential by all of us who are registered - and bring in their contacts. In addition to the ongoing marketing and client development we have going on at the upper management level; AS ALL OUR PARTICIPANTS WORK TO BRING CLIENTS INTO THE COOP, WE WILL ALL BENEFIT FROM THE NATIONAL POOL OF CLIENTELE. One obstacle to getting people to contribute and work together is that we have all been disappointed in our lives and tend to be skeptical but this coop is the real deal and the best opportunity we have of taking back a share of the market through an appraiser governed revenue producing cooperative that isn't a mere dues collecting association that provides programs. Let's continue to go forward and establish an appraiser governed AMC that will serve those who participate in it. Lastly, things take just a little time. We aren't in the big 5 yet, but dare to take it there - it's yours, make it what it can be. www.nvs.coop      

Sep 21, 2009 04:11 PM
Richard Glesser
North Country Appraisal Services - Gaylord, MI

Signed up when they began organizing and received updates but never an order

Dec 18, 2009 12:39 PM

We have been with the coop for about a year and get one or two orders a month.  They have kept us connected with one of our clients that would have gone LSI.  You need to join and get your lenders to sign up.  They are great to work with and the checks come within 10 days.  Full fees, minus the 15% that goes to the coop to keep rebuilding. 

You need to get your clients to them as well, but they are also working on some national accounts. 


Dec 19, 2009 04:04 AM