Predictive Dialer vs. Power Dialer: Part III

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Part III

Which type of dialer is best for you?

Now that you know how predictive and power dialers function, you should have a better understanding of the differences between them. Predictive dialers work based on algorithms that direct them when to dial someone and which agent to transfer the call to. A power dialer is managed by the caller, allowing them to have complete control of calling without any doubt as to who they will be speaking with next.

Predictive dialers work best in a call-center environment where there are about 15 agents or more available to take calls. This is because the dialer is constantly making calls and then transferring them to an available agent – if all the agents are already on calls, the dialer would drop a call and it would be counted towards the abandonment rate, as previously mentioned. Again, the more agents in a call center, the more effective a predictive dialer would be.

Power dialers work better than predictive dialers in several cases – for independent agents, remote agents (home-based telemarketers), and in call centers with less than 15 agents. Power dialers are less costly than predictive dialers and do not require multiple agents for use.

Generally, predictive dialers are used for business-to-consumer calling while power dialers are used for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business calls. Predictive dialers are generally not used for business-to-business calling.

Finally, predictive dialers are more effective when the leads list has not been pre-selected and many of the numbers are expected to be not working, busy or unanswered. When you are working a list of quality leads, a power dialer may be the route to go so you will have a more quality connection.

-Jennifer Davis


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