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The Great North West

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The Great Northwest is aplace full of green, green forests and abundant wildlife but also abundant in large cities if you enjoy big city living. A wonderful area to check out would have to be Clark County, Washington. In particular, Vancouver, a city just 10 miles from Portland, Oregon. Here you really get the best of both worlds, there are homes just outside of Vancouver that are more rural if you like country living. Or if you like small cities, in town Vancouver is a great small but ever-expanding city. Or if you really love BIG city life, Portland Oregon is the place to be. Portland is home to tons of restaurants and shops of all different kinds. Another Big city is Seattle, Washington. Seattle is just as busy and bustling as Portland with one significant difference, rain. It rains a lot of the time in the Northwest, but much more in the Seattle area. Another great feature the Northwest presents is some of the most beautiful beaches, and although there are seldom swimsuit days, they are wonderful to visit. Another benefit of NW Beaches is the crowd, there really isn't one. On the hotter days there are more people about but generally there are just a few people out enjoying the sand.  The Northwest really is a great place to visit and to live but you have to be ok with rain, to most people, other than that its great here.