Questions for your home inspector

Home Inspector with Coastal Home Inspections

There are many variables in the decision process of hiring a home inspector.  First and foremost, you should ask for references or testimonials.  This will tell you if he has performed as advertised with past clients.  If he cannot come up with a list of at least 10 referrals, you should move on to the next.  The next question should be what experience he has, other than the tests and studies, we have all completed those.  I believe that a strong construction background is a necessity.  This will ensure that the inspector knows how the structure is built, from the ground up and what components go into the building process.  Without this knowledge, they are only going on what they have learned by reading books.  I do understand that one of the most often asked questions is HOW MUCH.  I do understand that cost can be an issue, however, I have said this so many times, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.  If there is an inspector who is much cheaper, readily available and can do onsite reports, this should throw up red flags everywhere.  There is a reason for the low cost and availability.  Do your research, interview inspectors and decide which inspector will best suite your needs for inspecting the largest investment of your life.

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