Why should I care about social networking?

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I used to ask myself the same question - not because I did not want to invest the time into updating my status, or uploading pictures - but more so that I didn't grasp the power behind social networking.  Technology has evolved so much that information we desire is readily available at our fingers tips, almost instantly. For those of us in the service industry, blogging and social networking have become critical tools necessary in disseminating information quickly and efficiently. 

As we live in a budget conscious society, paid for advertising and marketing tools are luxuries that most cannot afford, however Facebook and Twitter are FREE. Where else can one advertise their services for FREE?  I personally have experienced business changing relationships due to becoming more technologically savvy, and here are just a few examples of this.

A book group of local, prominent real estate agents invited me to join their weekly meetings, as they were seeking a mortgage associate who was technologically advanced and was adaptable to social trends.  I was already an active Facebook and LinkedIn user, however after seeing their passion for instant information; I joined Twitter, Active Rain, and Trulia. The sites are user friendly, and while I'm still learning, I adapted easily and effortlessly.

Through Facebook, I was able to organize my family, friends, business associates and mortgage lending contacts into their own groups, and broadcast group specific information, such as market trends, home values or marketing campaigns.  While I do use this professionally, I enjoy sharing some aspects of my personal life, as referrals have been a large source of my business and I want my clients to think of me as someone they can rely and trust upon, as they would a friend or family member.

Trulia offered me a forum in which I could respond to consumers and other real estate professional alike.  In fact, this past week, I responded to several questions with regards to Wells Fargo's requirements for Jumbo mortgage down payments. Because I was able to respond in a manner that allowed multiple people to view, I was able to generate several leads, and a preapproval. Had I been working within more traditional methods, such as email or telephone with just one individual, I would not have had the opportunity to speak with others who were in need of my assistance.

One of the greatest advantages I have experienced through social networking was the ability to post articles that I felt helpful. An article that I posted ranked Wells Fargo as the #4 ranked mortgage servicer in the industry, which led an old friend who works for an insurance company in Woodinville and asked if I could benefit from direct referrals from her office.

There are countless opportunities that originate from blogging and social networking - stop making excuses and build your business today!

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Rudy Bachraty
Director, Communications & Partner Strategies, WellcomeMat - Fort Collins, CO

Hi Heather!

It sounds like your doing all the right things to meet people on and offline.

Thanks for sharing your Trulia success story regarding the amount of leads you received and that pre-approval all from just answering consumers and agents questions on Trulia Voices. Congrats and well done.

Continued success here on AR and on Trulia!



Social Media Guru for Trulia

Aug 28, 2009 06:29 AM
Heather Burns
Guild Mortgage Company - Kirkland, WA

Thanks Rudy!

I will post this on Trulia as well!

Aug 31, 2009 06:53 AM