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Here are some interesting facts I gathered at a recent class I attended with Dick Betts of www.DickBetts.com

  • 87% of Home Buyers started using the internet as part of their search process BEFORE they started looking for a specific home.  The other 13% did agter they started looking, but BEFORE they contacted a real estate agent.  Kinda look like your not in the game unless you are heavily invested in the internet doesn't it!
  • Internet buyers spent an average of 4.8 weeks doing research BEFORE contacting a REALTOR.  While traditional buyers contact an agent after just 1.7 weeks.  Once again it kinda looks like you need to be heavily invested in the internet if you want to land most home buyers doesn't it!
  • Internet Buyers bought a home after spending an average of just 2.2 weeks looking for a home with an agent.  Traditional Buyers spend an average 7.1 weeks before they buy.  Imagine how much more money you might be able to make if most of your clients came from the average Internet Buyer.
  • Internet Buyers previewed 6.7 homes on average with their agent while a Traditional Buyer viewed 15.4 homes. It's beginning to look like the Internet Buyer is the best Buyer to work with doesn't it!
  • Now here is one you probably won't expect.  The approximate distance between their previous residence and their new residence for Traditional Buyers was 25 miles, for Internet Buyers, it was 242 miles.  Wasn't that surprising!

More facts to come in future Blogs.   If you can't wait you should visit www.DickBetts.com