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To Have An Assistant, Or Not Have An Assistant, That Is The Question

Reblogger Karen Jackson
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This brings up great points about using a virtual assistant.

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Faithful AssistantMost folks in real estate as their business grows wonder

To have an assistant, or not have an assistant, that is the question.

Usually books like the Millionaire Real Estate Agent say get an assistant before you need one even part time so you can start leveraging another's time and focus on what you do best.

It seems there are a few key areas to remember with assistants:


In Office or Virtual Assistant - Many like the in office assistant for the face to face communication but in today's Internet world Virtual Assistants can do many of the same tasks. You could even have both.

Focus the assistant on your low dollar per hour activities.

When checking who they are with references and their background make sure they get high marks for reliability.

Don't forget to pay them well if they are good. Sure we all have budgets, but the good ones are worth it.

Chemistry. Your getting along very well with an assistant is critical. As you interact with them make sure they clearly understand what you want, that they clearly communicate back to you with questions, and understand deadlines.

Real estate can be one agent, one agent with an assistant, to the skies the limit with huge teams. There is no one size fits all. But a good assistant is worth their weight in a suitcase of milkbones. Plus they are so faithful to you.