Wylie~ A Town Divided~ AHMO!

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I went to my daughters Wylie East Highschool JV Volleyball tournament this weekend, which normally is dealt with some anticipation of the event, will we win? who will be eliminated? This tournament however had GREAT anticipation because we were playing Wylie High School! The new rival, the team we were supposed to be!

Yes folks, our once small town with ONE football team has grown. No longer do I recognize everyone at Berkshire's or when I pick my daughter up at the Pirate Stadium.  All the parents sitting in the stand had mixed emotions, because now our daughters were competing against each other !  We still sat next to each other , yelling for our girls, but I think eventually that we will become divided too. 

The real distress. for me anyway, was when the WHS girls broke huddle with AHMO! The coveted battle cry of our teams since 1977.AHMOhas several acronyms, my favorite "AHMO KICK YOUR BUTT!" We wear it on our shirts, helmets and paint it on our cars! I have flip flops with AHMO stitched on the side. What will WEHS  use as their battle cry as the RAIDERS?? I guess only time will tell on that one. I don't think it has sunk in all the way that they aren't PIRATES. My daughter grew up with brothers and sisters that were PIRATES and we thought she would be one to.

So now we are a town divided. No longer can this acronym hold us together, AHMO!

So for now GO RAIDERS!

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