Realtors: Let's Turn the Tide

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams

Hi Rainers - curious to hear your thoughts on this...  I'm finding that these days folks seem less willing to negotiate, discuss, look for solutions than blame, argue, look for issues. 

Have we become paranoid?  Are we jaded because of all of the bad news and economic data?

I don't know about you - but I think that among the best assets we bring to the table as Realtors and negotiator are our problem solving abilities.  We need to have a plan B (C, D, E, F...) - so that the deal works out and all parties are satisfied.  We need to remind our clients and colleagues that we're in this together - and we're looking for a win/win.  With more and more folks are moving from the Golden Rule to going for the jugular - we need to lead responsibly.

Obviously, issues come up in today's business climate.  It's in how we handle them that we separate ourselves from the "pack."

I'd like to turn the tide on this - are you with me?


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