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Over 15,000 house fires reported each year originate in the laundry room; failure to clean dryer vents is the number one cause.  Other causes of dryer fires are due to inferior dryer vent systems or improperly installed dryer vents.


If you live in an older home your outside dryer vent is likely just a few feet long and can easily be cleaned without calling a professional; however, professional dryer vent inspection is recommended to be sure the proper materials are being used.  Vinyl or flexible foil dryer vents are no longer being installed by dryer vent exhaust specialists today.


Today, newer homes are being built with the laundry facilities in the middle of the house, requiring a much longer stretch of dryer duct material leading to the vent outside.  The laundry area might be upstairs, near bedrooms, with the dryer ducts leading to a dryer vent on the roof.  This type of system requires the same annual dryer vent cleaning, repair and maintenance; however it is more difficult for the average homeowner to handle.  A professional dryer vent cleaning and installation specialist will have the special tools required to do the job.


No matter how old or new your dryer vent system is, it is not lint-proof.  Lint will build up in the dryer ducts and inside the back of your dryer where a spark can cause it to ignite.  Lint is highly combustible and it is the perfect fuel for a rapidly spreading fire.


Besides preventing dryer fires, dryer vent cleaning has other benefits.  A properly maintained dryer vent system ensures your clothes dryer is operating efficiently to cut down on drying time; therefore, saving energy.  Clogged dryer vents cause your dryer to work harder, resulting in premature break-down and expensive repair bills.  Dryer vent cleaning extends the life of your clothes dryer.


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