Good news for Walnut Creek, CA; check out how the market is this week!

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Check out what the Walnut Creek, CA market looks like this week.

I thought it was important to include graphs that showcased single family homes versus condos. So although there is a lot to look at on each graph, I think each one really paints the picture of the market in Walnut Creek. Note, these graphs are for the city as a whole. If you are curious about a specific zip code, let me know and I can post that too!

So below you will see 3 graphs: Median home prices, Inventory, and Average Days on Market. Interestlingly enough, median home prices for both single family homes and condo have really been holding steady the last 3 months. Inventory is starting to climb, after a big dip in inventory earlier this year.

What I think is a really exciting stat to note is that average days on market is coming DOWN! So homes and condos are starting to sell faster which is great news for sellers. Now is still an excellent time to buy, expecially in Walnut Creek.

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Medium Chart Medium Chart Medium Chart posted by: Katie Lance, Marketing Manager, Empire Realty Associates

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