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Best time to be in the industry! Staying positive and motivated!

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Greetings again!  Time to get blogging.  It's been two years since I contributed, I suppose it time to jump back in put my thoughts to the keyboard. 

My blog when I started it was all about staying positive and moving forward.  Well, I haven't stopped and as a matter of fact, we have been moving very forward and staying positive in light of the fact the market has been the toughest place to remain positive in the last 30 years.  Since my last blog I have concentrated on re-establishing contact with all my banking and previous REO contacts, and it has proven very successful.  If anyone wants to take advantage of what I know to stay busy in this environment, stay positive, motivated, forward thinking, then please blog on!  There's thousands of us hardworking individuals out there, and including my partner, we can all share success stories, advise, and critique and learn from each other. 

Regardless of the news, we are still 2 years away from a positive (appreciable) market.  The sooner the banks loosen up their inventory of assets to the market the better.  It's a feeding frenzy and many agents are loosing their desire to represent their buyers effectively.  Made 20 offers for one buyer in one week?  I know, so have most of us.  My main business is obtaining listings and effectively putting them on the market in the shortest amount of time possible.  My goal is to sell as many REO's as possible, as quickly as possible, and move this market along! 

Stay positive and stay in the game.  What did Winston say?  Never, never, ever give up!  Or something close to that. This can be our own finest hour.  We make choices everyday.  Make the choice to read something positive, to not watch CNN, to watch a positive movie, to spend more time finding solutions for our clients, spend more quality time with our families, etc. 

Make the choice.  Success doesn't happen by accident.  Success isn't waiting for you, and you shouldn't be waiting for it.  Start today, make the choice, take baby steps if you have to, but do it.  Stay together on this blog and we can all move in the right direction!

Happy positive blogging to you all!

Rob R.

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