Oceanfront Homes in Halifax/South Shore/ St. Margaret's Bay

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There are currently over 50 Oceanfront homes on the Market in Halifax and Halifax/South through to Hubbards and the Aspotogan Peninsula. Ranging in the $300,000 to Multiple Millions Range.

The St. Margaret's Bay area -which is within the 30 min range to Halifax seems to be the most popular amongst buyers. The prices vary wildly from the lower 400's to many Millions of dollars depending on the quality of the house and the land on which it sits. Various quality's of water frontage exist as well - Ranging from rocky exposed outcroppings to quite protective coves. The privacy of the setting then lends it hand in the equation. Often the best homes have high traffic noise to contend with, and awesome anchorages in quite coves have homes that are very close to neighbors.

Well - This season has been slower off the mark so far and the inventories have climbed up pretty fast. Who will sell first? I'll keep you posted on my ongoing "Ocean Blog."





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A little under 400 ' nice oceanfrontage 2 acres of good useable dry rolling land with a project house. What should i expect to pay.area glen haven. thanks in advance
Oct 25, 2007 01:38 PM

If you could find a lot like that - The lot would fetch $400-$500,000 alone. (+- $250,000 per acre)

Building costs vary depending on the size of home - You could ballpark the cost at maybe $140 dollars per square ft.(not including finished basement area) Let me know if you  need assistance.

Paul Viau


Oct 25, 2007 11:17 PM
Rhona Mcdonald

We have a home in St Margaret's Bay,about an acre, own private beach, house needs fixing up. 200 years old.400road side frontage light house Rd. 2 ocean front views one neighbour. How mush is property going for about??????

Nov 01, 2009 10:10 AM
Paul Viau
Halifax Real Estate Photography - Halifax, NS

I'm just guessing but this house is probably on Paddy's Head Rd.

Oceanfront took a dive last year. It is selling now but  not like the

good old days.


Could be nice - Anywhere from $350,000 - 600,000 . Depends on how good of shape its in.

If I new where it was - I could give you a better idea.


Paul viau -293-1113

Nov 01, 2009 11:26 AM