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I am on a Quest That I Started Last Night - It's only 1,100 Pages Long, After All

Reblogger Mary Cioffi
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Thank you so much for doing this! And a huge thank you for sharing your thoughts.  Where did you find the copy of the bill to read?

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After watching debates about the proposed health care bill HR 3200 over the past few weeks, I have heard one common refrain from both sides:

"Have you even read the bill?"

To this point, I didn't feel comfortable entering a detailed discussion about this bill, because I couldn't honestly state that I had.

That is about to change. 

Last night, I began a journey of sorts.  I intend to read the entire bill.

Yes, I know that it is not in its final form, but it's a start.  I want to see for myself what the truth is.  I don't like pundits forming my opinions for me.  I have heard loud arguments from both sides about what is contained therein.

I intend to share my "findings" here and elsewhere as I progress.  For now, I am just making notes.  I know that this task will take me awhile, but I am patient.  So far, I have only had to look up two words on Wikipedia.  :) 

I mentioned this idea on Facebook last night, and it was met with more discussion than I have seen on any of my previous status updates.  One of my friends there made an interesting point (which I agree with): If the bill turns out to be too difficult for us to read, this seems like a bad direction to be headed. 

If you have any input/suggestions or questions, let me know. 

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Mary Cioffi
Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate - Minden, NV

Thank you so much for doing this and for sharing your thoughts.  I love the comment "I don't like pundits forming my opinions for me. " Where did you get your copy of the bill? 

Aug 31, 2009 03:17 AM
Jason Crouch
Austin Texas Homes, LLC - Austin, TX
Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653)

I just Googled HR 3200 and started looking for a copy that was easy to use.  You might like the opencongress.org site, although it seems a bit slow sometimes.

Did you get a chance to read my first "installment" on the bill yet?

Sep 01, 2009 03:07 PM