Helen Ga Real Estate "8,000 tax credit for you"?

Real Estate Agent with No. Georgia Mountain Realty

Are you sitting on the fence?  Have you decided to take advantage of the $8,000.00 tax credit?  If so you need to get busy right now.  You MUST have your closing on your home BEFORE Dec. 1st...that means you MUST close at the very latest on the last day of November, but don't count on that.  The closing attorneys will be very busy on November 30th.  Ensure you get your tax benefit by closing before Nov. 15th, because anything can happen and if you have waited til the last minute, you may have a delay that costs you dearly!  For your real estate choices in northeast Georgia,in the Helen Ga area,  Call Flynn at 706 839 8841,or, email me, Flynn@FlynnTaylor.com

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