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Bringing International Real Estate Investors into Providence RI

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To those of us who consider Providence the best thing to happen since sliced bread, it can come as a bit of a blow to the ego when one's response to "where do you live?" is met with puzzled looks and reactions such as "Huh? Where? Is that near New York or Miami? Rhode Island is a STATE?"

 Those are just the sort of responses George, Gia and I had to respond to during our travels through Cyprus, one of the Mediterranean's largest islands and European who's-who hotspot.  Our somewhat impractical goal: to show the rest of the world why Providence is the best place on earth, and that everyone would be wise to invest there, right now. Our back-up plan: to show the rest of the world how close Providence is to New York and Boston, and that, therefore, everyone should invest there, right now.

I am proud to report that our approach landed somewhere in the middle of the two plans. If one spends enough time with us, our passion for our city tends to have an irresistibly contagious effect. This is quite beneficial, in circumstances such as mine, when the only way I could effectively communicate in a foreign language I only knew about 5 words of, was through enthusiastic gestures and big smiles.  George and Gia were, thankfully, able to communicate our ideas in a much more sophisticated manner.

The best part about our plan was that Providence, in its small glory, legitimately presently presents itself as both an affordable, culturally rich urban mecca, and as one of the United State's best investor dark horse hotspots in our current opportunistic market.

International economists know that the resurrection of the market will begin in the United States, in cities like ours. To those with the financial stability to wait patiently for the eventual re-growth of our economy, their investments will be well rewarded. Here at Geo, our commitment to exposing the potential of our little city to the world goes on, and we will continue to spread the word about the current opportunities that exist here. And, in an effort to contribute more than my two cents in via clumsy broken sentences in a foreign tongue, I am also committed to refreshing my overseas language skills.



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Shamila Ahmed
Steele Realty Consultants - Providence, RI

Very Well Done Rita! Keep it up :)

Aug 31, 2009 03:33 PM
Melanie Cucinotta

I like it!

Love, Melanie

Sep 10, 2009 06:44 AM