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What Makes YOU a Better Agent? The Agent Challenge.

Real Estate Sales Representative with Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace Realtors(R)

I am not asking what makes you better than another agent. I am asking, what makes you a better agent from day to day?

Today, I asked myself this question. I am going into my 5th year as a Realtor(R), and I'd like to know that I have evolved into a better agent. Certainly, experience will make one better. But what else?

Education? Without a doubt. I try to take advantage of the many classes our brand offers. Plus, meet the educational requirements for my licensing renewals. In addition, I have taken some specialty classes, and have a few designation classes I want to complete. But what else might make me a better agent?

Referrals. We love'em, and now that a few years have come and gone, I am seeing the word of mouth progession of this business. It is terrific to be referred.

What about listening? Will that make me a better agent? Do I listen to other agents in and around the office/area; do I listen to their complaints? Do I listen to their advice? Do I listen to their ambitions? Do I heed their advice? (I better take it into consideration.) 

 Who else should I listen to? I should listen to the public. In stores, restaurants, at the salon. I need to tweak my ears a bit, and hear what the public is saying about housing. 

I probably hear someone mention real estate every single day. Either they just bought a house; they are looking for a house; they sold one; they are renting one; there is a new one up for sale in their neighborhood;or there is one that just won't sell down the street. Okay, what about the conversations about agents? They are meeting their agent at one; their agent said this or that; their agent doesn't call back; their agent told them to update the kitchen; and that list goes on an on. There is so much to listen to, and now that I'm listening, can it help me become more attentive to my clients' needs?

What can I learn from my everyday activities that can make me a better agent? Better than when I started, better than last year, better than yesterday?

For one, I have learned that I do need to listen more. To my broker, my team mates and especially my clients. Not just hear them, I need to listen to what is being said, and what is left out of their conversations. I need to become more aware of how I conduct my business and how it impacts the lives of my clients. I sometimes I feel I am always in a hurry. Always behind, always trying to catch up. This is true. And in my rush, what, or who am I overlooking?

So what makes me a better agent? The fact that I am willing to see myself as others see me, so that hopefully I can improve the qualities I have, or make some new ones if I don't have them. The fact that I desire to make a difference in real estate.

What makes you a better agent? (Not better than another agent. Better than you were in the past?)

Harriet Maj
Classic Realty Group - Orland Park, IL
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The reminder is appreciated.  I have found myself over the years realizing I wasn't asking enough questions, Sometimes we not only have to dig within ourselves for answers but also to help our clients understand themselves.

Sep 01, 2009 05:05 AM