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Social MediaHome Improvement Blog Helps Contractors Harvest The Power of Social Media

The Best Home Improvement Contractor's Blog is now publishing a series of DIY articles to help contractors (and small businesses) help themselves to Social Media tools and platforms to grow their business.

Written by yours trully and a team of star performers and experts in web lead generation, the Social Media for Contractors session of the blog will bring weekly tips and step by step instructions on how to sign up and find your way around the main social media sites for people who doesn't have the time to spend online  testing platforms and figuring things out.

Small contractors, startups and small  business enterpreneurs are too busy doing business to take the time to explore social media and not many of them can afford to have a specialist in their payroll or hire an SEO agency to get it done. Yet, Internet is slowly becoming the main leading generation source.

They are then left with very little choices but buying leads from lead generation services, that many times charge multiple contractors in the same are, for a single lead as they bid for the job.

Using Social Media to your advantage is much more than just keeping a blog and "Twitting" links to it. You can use it to educate, brand your business, monitor its reputation, talk to your customers and, of course, generate your own leads. All that without spending the day over the Internet.

We at the Tree House already do that... and we are willing to share what we know so that you can do it yourself!

How? Follow the blog and you will find out.

Oh and when you do, please feel free to leav comments and feedback!

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