Buying Real Estate? Why Compete with the Banks?

Commercial Real Estate Agent with Kingswood Co.

Currently we're seeing the Banks take a primary position in the Real Estate sales market as new Buyers and savvy Investors seek pennies on the dollar deals to acquire Real Estate.

What drives a new Buyer or savvy Investor to want to complete a Real Estate Transaction with the Bank/FDIC?  ...Value (or at least perceived value)

I'd rather go to the Dentist.

Property Sellers breathe the same air as the rest of us.  Sellers are cognizant of the Bank/FDIC role in the marketplace.  Sellers get it.

Sellers have adjusted their pricing to compete with the Bank/FDIC.  In many cases, these deals are 10-15% BETTER than the Bank/FDIC deals.

Buyers/Investors: Want to get a pennies on the dollar deal WITHOUT having to deal with the Bank/FDIC?  now that's VALUE.

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