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Life with a small dog,

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I live with a small dog. I also live with my husband, 15 year old woman/child, my Mother-in-Law three cats one hamster, Tony and a bata fish called Fish Pie. The naming of the fish Fish Pie is another blog. This is about Sweet William Roscoe Farnsworth Shelley. William for short. Short he is. He is a long hair Chihuahua. I had heard from other Chi owners that Chi do not know they are small. I thought that was just breed talk. Like Poodles are smart and Boxers have bad gas. Well I have found the poodle is one of the smartest dog Boxers indeed do have bad gas and yes Chihuahuas are indeed under the allusion that they are as big as the dog in front of them. They also know to their bones that they are large and menacing should anyone come to the door the man who always wants to cut my  front yard or the child's newest friend will not pass through the door. My house sits right on the street. That is right I have no grass to cut. William likes to sit in the door way and watch the world go by. He likes to bark at children who tease him. If I open the door to bring him out to see the kids he will sniff their hands and let them pet him. But, for some reason he finds joggers evil. Nor does he like other dogs. He really does not like black dogs. And; when, he sees the dreaded black poodles he goes bananafiwanggow he barks, jumps tries to fallow them by running to the windows. We have no idea why he hates the black poodles. They never notice him. In fact very few dogs do notice him. I feel this is the cause of the barking. He is fierce and a dog to be reckoned with. To no avail. They just walk past him. My daughter thinks that it hurts his feelings. We now refer to  him as The Danger Dog of Del Ray.  

This Thursday is one of the last First Thursday of the the Spring/Summer/ season. On these evenings the merchants, restaurants, coffee houses and the like put out their wares and product or information that is helpful to have. Each Thursday has a theme. This night the 5th. is the taste of Del Ray so treats will be given out. We have great restaurants. With the foods,balloons and 15 minute massages will be the dogs. We in Alexandria love our dogs. WE have pubs that have dog sections. Most shops have a bowl of water at their door and a tray of dog treats at the counterfor you to give your dog after you leave. When I was looking for a dog. my thoughts were of dog walkies, going to dog parks and having my latte' With the little Fella' at my feet or lap. But goodness you should hear my puppy for the first 20 minuets. It takes that much time to get him back on track. After 20 min. or so he is quite the little gentleman meeting other dogs with a sniff. He takes treats, he won't eat them; but, he accepts them. He has had his picture taken with the Great Dane and St. Bernard. But.....when we get home and the same dog walks by our door. He goes back to the barking jumping Danger Dog he was before we left. Other Chi owners say their mighty ball of fur are the same. 

So the next time I hear some dog or one barking and posturing I'll give them some extra attention and a cookie



Vickie McCartney
Maverick Realty - Owensboro, KY
Broker, Real Estate Agent Owensboro KY

Hi Carol~ I just have to take the time to tell you that your dog is SO cute! 

Sep 02, 2009 10:30 AM
Carol Lynne Bull
Keller Williams - Alexandria, VA

Vickie, thank you. That picture was taken a year and a half ago. He has filled out a bit but not much. 

Sep 02, 2009 10:50 AM