Twitter is a Marathon......... Longer Than A Tweet

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My good friend and real estate "coach and encouragement" wrote this great post that had to be re-tweeted.  David works hard and has mastered the social networking mode of Real estate.  I hope all benefit from this and find it useful for your profession!

Original content by David Patterson

At times, ActiveRain can be a very inspiring online social media network.

Here is a case in point.

While purging some "inactive bloggers" from my subscription list, I came across the musings of Tina Allen. Tina seemed a little overwhelmed and discouraged by her Twitter experience.

"I hate to just give up, but, I'm lagging so far behind with this twittering, I don't think I can catch up."

Hey Tina! Be of good courage... I have some good news for you!

Twittering is like a Marathon... Steady persistence wins the race.

In my opinion, the use of all Online Social Media tools shouldn't be viewed as a "sprint".

It can take 6 - 18 months to build a viable, consistent online presence through these tools.

Without question, Twitter is an excellent way to build a diverse and profitable Lead Generation Database. REMEMBER.......... You are in the LEAD GENERATION BUSINESS.

If you don't have leads..... YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS!

Who do I "tweet"? Everyone! However, I have a core group of "followers". These are the individuals that would..... 'know me, like me and trust me.... and would send referrals to me'.

These "tweeples" have helped me to build a national presence that has lead to being interviewed by national publications.

My Twitter success has led to speaking/training engagements within the Keller Williams Carolinas Region.

There should be a balance between "everyday stuff" and "real estate specific content".

My first goal in Twitter is to build my professional credibility. I share my blog posts. I share my listing. I update my "followers" on my teaching schedule. These "tweets" will let my "followers" know about my involvement and success in the real estate industry.

Do I share "everyday stuff? ABSOLUTELY! It's important to connect with "followers". If they don't like you, the chances of receiving a referral from your "followers" are slim.

Keep your head in the game Tina.

Pursue Twitter success with the same passion as your pursuit of ActiveRain success.


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