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Okay so I went to Starbucks again today and enjoyed my Venti Non-Fat Cafe Mocha No Whip. Did I get that right? I swear I stand in line and rehearse what I am going to say. Venti Non-Fat Cafe Mocha No Whip. I forgot the No Whip today but the girl behind the counter asked before they made it.
I read chapter two of "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner" by David Bach. It talks about the power of homeownership vs renting. The book describes a few things that show that owning a home will eventually make you money. For example, you can use the bank or "OPM" other people's money to buy the home. Homeowner's get tax breaks that renter's don't and you can get a return on your investment when buying a home, that is greater than any other investment avaialable.
There are a couple of talking points that are a little outdated. (the book was written in 2005) For example, it mentions that you can get 100% financing and banks lend to riskier borrowers. While these statements are now untrue as we speak, there are still FHA loans out there and it is not impossible to get a loan if you are a first time homebuyer. You need to speak to a Mortgage lender and find out where you stand. Make sure you find someone knowledgable and trustworthy. Ask questions, if you do not qualify immediately, your loan officer can help point you in the right direction. If they will not or do our office and one of us will.

Thanks for reading. and happy homebuying!

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