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Who's Afraid to raise their hands and ask mortgage questions?

Mortgage and Lending with Wells Fargo

Guess what I did this morning? I took a Wells Fargo Financial Hands on Banking Course for Adults.......For Free! Believe it or not it is available to the general public. I was surprised to find that it breaks down my initial interview with first time homebuyers. It shows you the actual pros and cons of homeownership. check it out.... http://www.handsonbanking.org/en/

My typical first interview is full of questions and answers. I try to ask as much information about my customer's current situation and what they expect for their future. This is how I can help them make the best decisions. Sometimes, I find that first time homeowners are often afraid to ask questions. If you find yourself in this category, check out this Hands on Banking Course, prior to the initial interview. This will help make you feel more comfortable with the material we will discuss. Do not be afraid to ask. Getting a mortgage is a very detailed process. I have been doing this for 10 years and I am still learning every day.

Another very important step in the home buying process is that you really want to make sure you are getting the best information. Consider your source. Is this person really interested in helping you make the best decision for your family? Do you feel comfortable? There is not just one Mortgage Officer out there. You are taking a very big step in your financial future and you will be spending a lot of time with this person. Make sure you feel comfortable with that person and that all your questions are being answered in a way that you understand and are comfortable with. If your loan officer seems hurried, slow them down. This is your time. Be sure you set an appointment and be prepared with the questions you want to ask and do not be afraid to take notes.

Okay, I strayed a bit, back to the Course. I took it in about 30 minutes, (of course I skimmed through some parts) However, it does have a pause button which would allow you to step away for a few minutes and get back to it when you have a little more time. Keep in mind; you spend a lot of time shopping for the perfect house. Don't you want to spend as much time making sure that the loan that you take out fits your needs?
If you know someone who is considering buying a house for the first time, have them check out my blog, or take the course, or call me!

Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

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