Shhh dont tell part 2

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If your from Texas I am sure you have heard of the Texas Land Board.  Well if you haven't shame on you and here is a link

Its a state program That offers not only our veterans great benefits like the ones below but free advertising avenue for our Agents that take a class

1.  If you are retired with at least a 10% dissability rating you get your VA Funding fee waived (thats big $$$$)

2.  If you have 30% or more dissablility rating you get an extra half a percentage point off of the Interest rate.

Any questions on this program or if you have a Military client that has questions u cant answer give me a call I will be happy to help u help our veterans.  After all 2 more months and I will be  a happy veteran Real happy Agent.

Again In Texas and the Heavy military presence if you dont know about these sites or programs, thats why we are here on AR to network and get the word out and tell our secrets.  Well that wasnt my secret becuase everyone already knows that.  My secret was that you can go to this website and as a lender or mortgage broker take a 1 hour class and then have your name but on the List with your direct line.  


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