Are We Glorified Bookies?

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Welcome to The Savvy Real Estate Agent, an Active Rain blog focused on tips for real estate agents and brokers. Why would agents and brokers need tips? Here's the first comment on the news that a newspaper, the Salt Lake Tribune, is starting a flat-fee real estate brokerage:

Realtors are like used car sales men. In the era of the internet they have no use. Your home inspection and bank will cover any concerns you have when buying a house. The internet has eliminated their need. How they still think think they are worthy of 6% is beyond all comprehension. When I purchased my house I went online and found the realtor had the realtor key to get in but other than that, the total time invested in my home purchase was 1 hour on their time. They have no place in today's web environment.

The next comment starts, "Real estate agents are nothing more than glorified bookies...." The following one says, "I agree with the comments thus far...."

Should those of us in real estate pack it in? Do we have "no place in today's web environment"? Are we "glorified bookies"?

As a real estate broker, I think these comments are misplaced. The average person encounters no transaction more complex, costly and downright dangerous than selling or buying a home. The internet does not take the place of a savvy real estate agent.


A savvy real estate agent will:

  • market the property (for the seller) or evaluate the property (for the buyer);
  • negotiate the deal on behalf of his or her client;
  • navigate around the pitfalls to get to a closing.

On the other hand, let's recognize where the negative comments come from. While many real estate agents take their job to heart and give great service to their clients, some do not. Unless all of us keep on enhancing our skills for today's market, these negative comments may reflect how more and more potential clients view us.


This blog is dedicated to helping bad agents get good and good agents get better. I will share tips that my colleagues and I have developed at Four Columns Realty and tips we have learned from experts we admire. The adventure starts now.


P.S. If you are looking for my prior Active Rain blog, it merged with the Four Columns Realty Blog.


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Comments (3)

Pat O'Reilly
RE/MAX..214-289-6176 Irving and all of Dallas Fort Worth - Irving, TX

Thanks Les. The Realtors job has changed with the internet but you have stated great resons why we are still needed.

Sep 03, 2009 02:23 PM
Sandra Scott
DPR Realty - Payson, AZ
REALTOR of Choice! Payson, Pine & Strawberry, AZ

I wish to God all I had to do was open a door and collect 6% or 7% or 9% of the sales price.  But I do agree that the public has no idea what happens after the contract is written.  Does anyone out there have a list of what we do after the contract is signed?

Sep 22, 2009 02:21 PM
Sean Railton
Park City Realty Group - Park City, UT

You have to consider the source, that being the Salt Lake Tribune.  I sold a client a new home unfortunatly he has a home where he walked in unrepresented and got the short end of an expensive stick.  Right now he is taking 3 months to list it before he gives it to me since he is hoping for a sucker to fall in love with it like he did!  Good thing he has plenty of money!

Nov 12, 2010 09:28 AM