Southwest Missouri: Lawrence Country Record Goes Online

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Lawrence County Record Print EditionThe Lawrence County Record is the weekly voice of Lawrence County, Missouri. 

Every Wednesday, we all open up the Record to see what's going on.  From editorials on national and regional issues, to front-page spreads about local events, to an annual back-to-school issue, and right down to who is having their 90th birthday party, they keep us informed.

Adding to their 134-year print tradition, they now have a website and e-Edition.  This is pretty exciting stuff.  The Record staff seem to have made a big effort to build a site that's not just a newspaper, but a community information portal.  The site looks professional, is easy to navigate, and loads fast.

On the public website, you'll find:

- Some of the stories from the paper.  There also seem to be stories from days when the paper isn't published, so it's not just once-a-week updates.

- Ads for local businesses.  Just taking a quick look at these is interesting.  Go ahead and click a few ads.  Click the one for the Lawrence County Historical Museum, for instance.  Cool info behind there.

- A very informative Community section.  It's still in its first stages but is already pretty nice.  There are some great pictures, history and present-day info.  Right now, it's focused on Mt. Vernon.  That's very understandable, but I'm hoping they might branch out a bit in the future to cover other towns in the county.  This is wonderful information for people considering relocating to Southwest Missouri.

- Local events and calendars.

- And more...who knows what will be there tomorrow?

The e-Edition, which is the full paper, is subscriber only (only $1 additional to those who are already paying the paltry sum of $23 per year to have the Record delivered to their house).  I'll be signing up, of course. 

I'm so happy to have this website as a resource for myself as well as relocation real estate buyers who'd like to find out more about Southwest Missouri.  In the past, I've actually mailed a few copies of the Record to prospects.  Glad I don't have to do that anymore.  Nice job, guys!



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