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In my corner of the world, real estate is booming ( I'm holding my breath that it will last for a while).  The last 3 weeks have been crazy.  6 sales, 3 contracts still being negotiated, numerous new listings & 4 new buyers.  I'm working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and still can't keep up.  I called in a temp assistant yesterday, who worked for 5 hours.  It felt soooo good - I was finally caught up with paperwork!

Then today came --- and by the end of the day, I was almost in tears because I was behind again.  Just keeping up with the phone calls, emails, negotating, new addendums, etc,  I never even touched the list of things on my TO DO list.

How do you keep up??  Even the temp said I had good systems in place, I simply had too much "stuff" that needed to be done.  I  can't  keep up!

I've thought about a virtual assistant; but that won't help with the faxing, completing forms, submitting sales to the office & that sort of thing.

I'm not complaining,  it's a nice problem to have; but I have to find a solution to weather the storm. 


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Melissa Anderson
Debt Does Deals - San Antonio, TX
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I keep a spiral note book with me at all times.  If I'm driving and have to pull of the side of the road to take down info from a Realtor or client, I use it.  When I return to the office, all important "to do" lists are put in their proper order in my computer.  Each day I also flip back a few pages to make sure I did not miss anything.  It sounds old fashioned, but it works better than any other method I have tried.  If there is a storm & my Internet or computer has issues, I can look back through the same book for a client's phone number.  I also program all clients and prospects in my blackberry the first time they call with key words so I know who they are & what they may be calling about. 

Sep 04, 2009 01:56 PM